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Community / Neighbourhood /Precinct Association Reports
Building Management Committee Reports

Some properties are part of a Community, Neighbourhood, Precinct (Association) or Building Management Committee (BMC) in addition to, or instead of, being part of a Strata.


The Association or BMC is often responsible for shared facilities separate from private or strata common property.  This may include items such as community roadways, tennis courts, clubhouses, park areas and lifts.


Where this is the case, Association or BMC records are kept separately from the strata records. It is recommended that an inspection of the Association or BMC records be obtained to ensure a complete overview of the complex, including any potential issues or expenditure.


We may identify that one of the above Associations or a BMC exists whilst we are conducting your Strata Inspection. We will endeavour to contact you to advise of this and offer a separate inspection and report on these records.  


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Company Title Reports


We provide comprehensive Company Title reports to give you an overview of all issues that may affect your purchase of a Company Title property.


The report covers similar items to a Strata Report and also includes issues relating to ASIC, Company Registration, Directorship and Board Meetings.


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Legal Searches


Our services include provision of all relevant Local Government and Land and Property searches associated with conveyancing and legal matters.  This includes all Council section 149 and section 603, Land Tax, Sydney Water and Roads & Maritime Services certificates.  Please contact us to discuss our legal search services and prices further.

Law Clerk Services


We offer complete Law Clerk Services including stamping, settlements, lodgements and registrations. Our Law Clerks have over 30 years industry experience and are dedicated to keeping your client's settlement on track.  Our Clerks will commmunitcate directly with instructing Solicitors and Conveyancers to achieve the best possible outcome in a timely manner.  We invite you to contact us to discuss our Law Clerk services in more detail.

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